Mike Smith Guitars

Mike has been involved with guitars for over 25 years. Building, restoring, repairing, customising, buying, selling and simply enjoying them!

‘Replica Guitars’ was born in 2001 due to an obsession with the vast arsenal of guitars used by Status Quo.

Mike wanted to reproduce in detail the construction, modifications and wear of the original instruments.

These guitars continue to be built to this day and have been supplied to Status Quo for touring use.

In 2007 Mike was approached by industry legend, guitar hardware guru Trev Wilkinson to personally head up his Fret King UK Custom Shop.

This involved building many hundreds of Green Label Pro Series guitars and very limited edition Atelier and Stvdio one-off instruments

Many guitars were unique versions of vintage inspired instruments with quirky twists, featuring custom colours, pickup configurations and even gold leaf!

Mike has been involved with many r&d and design projects and has personally built or worked on guitars for:

Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt, Gary Moore, Randy Bachman, Chris Rea, Noel Gallagher, Paul Weller, Jerry Donahue, James Dean Bradfield,

John Jorgenson, Steve Harris, Richie Malone,Thomas Blug (‘61 Masterbuilt guitars), Mick Abrahams, John Verity, and Geoff Whitehorn.

In early 2016, Mike decided to dedicate all of his time to his own projects - “Mike Smith Guitars”.

March 2019 saw the opening of our shop in Southport town centre.

Showroom and fully equipped workshop, new and used instruments, strings and accessories.